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  • Relationships First--RJE Circle Formations

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    Relationships First: Restorative Justice Education

    Do you wonder what is at the foundation of Restorative Justice Education? Have you ever wondered about things as simple as how to organize a circle in the space you have available? This clear and accessible description of the foundational components of a holistic approach to implementing Circle processes is unique in that it answers questions many of us are hesitant to ask. 2018.

  • The work that reconnects

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    Video (perhaps related to Restorative Practice)

    The Work That Reconnects is informed by Deep Ecology, systems thinking, Gaia theory, and spiritual traditions (especially Buddhist and indigenous teachings), as well as group wisdom from earlier workshops. Common to all of these is a non-linear view of reality. It illuminates the mutuality at play in self-organizing systems, and unleashes the power of reciprocity.

  • Classroom 'Circle Time' Moves Online During Coronavirus Pandemic

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    'Personal, Daily Connections As soon as schools closed, Lurenz-Seguin knew she needed to maintain a personal, daily connection with her students. Many of them are still developing language skills, and she wanted to continue building on the progress they had made in class, she said. In Lurenz-Seguin's virtual circle times, she breaks the block of time into chunks. First, she and the students sing a good morning song, then they move onto the days of the week, then practicing vocabulary and having conversations.'

  • Environmental Justice Restoring the Future - Brunilda Pali

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    'Towards a restorative environmental justice practice This video message is launched on the occasion of the International Restorative Justice Week 2019 (#RJWeek). The video introduces the new publication of the European Forum for Restorative Justice on restorative environmental justice. In the video Brunilda Pali, Board member of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, explains how restorative justice can applied when seeking environmental justice.'