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  • Five Myths surrounding Restorative Justice

    Selected Extract: 

    'Although written in 2002, these myths surrounding restorative justice are still very much a reality. Hope Howard Zehr’s words can guide you in your work in addressing some of these common misconceptions of RJ.

    Restorative justice is not the same as conflict resolution
    The principles of restorative justice share much in common with those of conflict resolution, and indeed some streams of restorative justice practice in North America developed out the field of conflict mediation.'


    Selected Extract: 

    'CASE STUDIES Introduction This document presents nine case studies that provide in-depth examples of the social, wellbeing and cultural outcomes achieved through restorative justice conferencing. Much of the national evidence about the effectiveness of conferencing is based on the assessment of criminogenic outcomes, such as reductions in reoffending.

  • Trailer Restorative Circles

    Selected Extract: 

    'The trailer for our movie about the Restorative Circles is ready! We want to give you an insight into our wonderful film about a systemic conflict resolution model, the Restorative Circles. Our vision of this film is that you as a viewer experience the magical moments of discovering common human values. You will learn in our film what it pays to learn from conflicts in this way. (Google translation from German; English sub-titles are on the video)'

  • Using Restorative Circles in Schools

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    'Restorative circles are an effective way of implementing restorative justice, through starting a conversation wider than just the victim and the offender. Proven to be an effective way of healing and building relationships, tackling bullying within schools and providing a sense of community, this book gives everything needed for a school to start implementing restorative circles.

  • The Intersection of Restorative Justice with Trauma Healing, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding - Volume 18, Issue 1/2, 2009

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    'Although it originated in criminal justice, restorative justice is essentially a peacebuilding or conflict transformation approach to justice. The crossdisciplinary experience at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding has suggested some important lessons for restorative justice, peacebuilding and related fields.

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