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  • Councillor wants to meet online bully via restorative justice process

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    Sara Templeton wants to meet her online bully face to face.

    The Christchurch city councillor wants to go through a restorative justice process with an online troll.

    She has had experience with these processes in the past and knows how useful they can be for both parties.

    Templeton is also calling for a review of the Harmful Digital Communications Act after receiving a number of messages from people who have had mixed success with the act.

  • Newcastle as a restorative city

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    This initiative aims to transform Newcastle into a restorative city by building social cohesion and healthy communities.

    Newcastle has pockets of disadvantage in relation to unemployment, income, education, housing, child welfare, and criminal justice.

  • How to Love Your Enemy (Official Trailer)

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    'Free the People is proud to bring you How to Love Your Enemy: A Restorative Justice Story. Winner of Best Feature and Best Director at the Front Range International Film Festival. A city in Colorado tries a different kind of justice system powerful enough to change the incarceration game of the U.S. Instead of locking up non-violent offenders, these advocates focus on the challenging but rewarding process of apology, forgiveness, and redemption that radically shifts our idea of justice and our part in it.'

  • Restorative City Whanganui Trust

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    Each day, during International Restorative Justice Week —17–24 November 2019 — @Restorative City Whanganui will share a restorative message. Here is the message for Day 2:


  • Canberra – A restorative city? | The RiotACT

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    'In early 2016 the ACT Legislative Assembly committed to becoming a restorative city. In making this commitment, our parliamentary representatives recognised the work that had already been done to date and identified areas where restorative processes could assist in dealing with difficult social and community issues. As part of this, they committed to exploring what work needs to be done to be declared a restorative city.'