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  • Restorative Practices QLD Case Studies

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    'Applying restorative practices in a restrictive context may seem like a contradictory one. However, people in secure environments often find themselves there due to a range of issues which may be related to the absence of healthy relationships & communities.Two new Qld projects have stepped into this space: The Restorative Practices Project at The Prince Charles Hospital Secure Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit; & The Restorative Expansion Project at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.'

  • Home - RPforSchools

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    'Restorative Practices is an approach to discipline and relationship management that can transform the climate of a school and strengthen relationships between students, and between teachers and students, laying the foundation for improved academic and personal outcomes in education. This RPforSchools site was established by a secondary school teacher, restorative practitioner and trainer from Brisbane, Australia.

  • Restorative Justice in Australia

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    Restorative Justice in Australia. Hennessey Hayes School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Griffith University Brisbane, Queensland Australia. What is restorative justice and what does it look like?.