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In 2018 NED supported the First Peoples First Cultural Foundation (based in Mossman) to develop an e-book to support the learning of Kuku Yalanji Language. Balkan Bakal Ku Ku Kubirrinka Yala Manjalaka tells the story of Kubirri and The Mountain.

The project is inclusive of original artworks; oral storytelling, songs, dance and film combined within a multi touch bi-lingual E-book. This is suitable for and enjoyed by people of all ages and is now available on a variety of easily accessible digital formats at http://bit.ly/kubirri  You will be asked to subscribe solely for the purpose of sending notification of bug fixes, improvements and version updates.

The E-Book is also used as a community teaching resource dedicated to assisting, supporting, maintaining and re-igniting the Kuku Yalanji language which is on the list of identified endangered languages.  It also promotes Aboriginal culture/s and language/s for the benefit of all future generations.

According to group leader, John Hartly, ‘Maintaining cultural knowledge and the nuances that exist between land and language should be of critical importance to all Australians.’ He asserts that language is the tap root of cultural identity and of a belonging that goes back and touches the very ancient. The continued disintegration of First Peoples distinct cultural richness and language vibrancy is a loss not only for Australia but, for all of humanity the world-over. Yet, within a matter of a generation (30 years) remaining First Peoples languages across this continent and indeed across the globe will, if not urgently addressed, become all but extinct.

E-Book Website

A language learning resource for the Kuku Yalanji language of far north Queensland.

Kuku Yalanji means: "The language of this place". Ku Ku Yalanji country extends generally along the coast of south eastern Cape York between Cooktown and Port Douglas and inland to Chillagoe.

Kuku Yalanji e-Book

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Mossman Kubirri Manjal Balkana
Mossman Kubirri Manjal Balkana
Image provided by First Peoples First Cultural Foundation
Image provided by First Peoples First Cultural Foundation