In 2020 NED supported the Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy to invigorate engagement in democratic participation. This involved further developing and improving their website to provide resources, ideas and information. While the focus is on the Australian Capital Territory this site is useful for anyone interested in Participatory...

Water Drilling at Cooya Beach

The Kuku Yalanji people of Far North Queensland have developed an ambitious plan to regenerate their language and culture and preserve both for future generations. As they told us language comes from Country and all the songs, dances, artworks, and ways in which people live are connected. They developed an e-book to support language learning...

Earthworker Logo

Inspired by the Mondragon Cooperative in Spain, Earthworker was established to facilitate the establishment of worker cooperatives in Victoria. The emphasis is on creating work that is people and planet centred offering meaningful work opportunities and a real say in how things get done.

In 2020 NED Foundation supported Earthworker to...


The first Men’s Table began in 2011 with twelve men who have met once a month for dinner ever since. The Men’s Table creates a unique environment for men to share openly about their lives, their challenges, their highs, and lows with a group of men who they learn to trust and respect.

Groups of adult men meet monthly to share a simple...


Prison Fellowship Australia is a community of restoration working from multiple angles to restore the human damage of crime: prisoners, crime victims, families of prisoners are all involved.

In 2020 NED supported them to extend this program into North and Far North Queensland and to modify it to meet the cultural needs of First Nations...

Richard Swain, Ngarrindjeri Elder Uncle Moogy Sumner and Yuin Elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison at 'Nariong"

In 2020 NED supported Amanda King in engaging an Impact Manager to assist in promoting her film, Where the Water Starts, which launched in 2021.

Amanda worked closely with Yuin Elder, Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison and Richard Swain, the Indigenous Ambassador, who holds an honorary role for the Invasive Species Council, to understand the...

ISPS 2019 Conference flyer.
The NED Inc. Grants Program has funded Barbara Beatson for travel expenses to attend a conference and give a presentation. 
The conference she presented at was the 21st International Conference of the ISPS in Rotterdam, 28th August-1st September 2019.
The theme of the conference was "STRANGER IN THE CITY: The circular relationship between...

Ngukurr, formerly Roper River Mission (1908−1968), is a remote Aboriginal community on the banks of the Roper River in southern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

Founded as the Roper River Mission in 1908, the settlement was taken over by the Northern Territory Government's Welfare Department in 1968, and handed over to the community in...

Welcome auditorium full house

In 2019 NED supported Transition Towns Australia Inc to run a Convergence in Melbourne attended by 120 people from 56 local grassroots sustainability groups.

There were presentations from Sustain, Extinction Rebellion, School Strike 4 Climate, Darebin Council, Retrosuburbia, Beyond Zero Emissions, Transition Streets, Cohousing, New...

ACT Restorative Communities Network and Relationships Australia
A workshop on Restorative Practice (RP) led by Hull RP experts, with a particular focus on schools in the Belconnen are which NED had previously supported.
Mossman Kubirri Manjal Balkana

In 2018 NED supported the First Peoples First Cultural Foundation (based in Mossman) to develop an e-book to support the learning of Kuku Yalanji Language. Balkan Bakal Ku Ku Kubirrinka Yala Manjalaka tells the story of Kubirri and The Mountain.

The project is inclusive of original artworks; oral storytelling, songs, dance and film...

Image Credit:   Milingimbi Womens’ Group
Milingimbi Womens - Group Gwen Warmbirrirr & Elizabeth Ganygulpa    
The Project was a local community response to observing that a number of young people were losing their way and getting into trouble. It was decided to take a group of 10 young people on a relay bicycle ride from Palmerston to Alice Springs. This ride was inspired by a...
University of Newcastle Law Faculty
Major sponsor and ongoing support of project through funding and NED Inc Board member sitting on Steering, and Advisory Committees and Events Sub Committee.


Gunnedah and District Historical Society Inc. (Marie Hobson)
‘The Last Word’ a book which turns the lens on around 750 Gunnedah and district residents who have lived and died in the town.
The book provides a snapshot of those who helped to create the community through sharing of local family history so that people know who they are and where...
Lorina Barker
‘Trucked Off’ will be created and performed as a complement to the Looking Through Windows exhibition at Redfern 107 Gallery, Sydney 14-25 November 2018.
The creative project explores the removal, dispossession and 'protection' of Aboriginal people in NSW.
‘Trucked Off’, and the Looking Through Windows project, engages with...
Lesley Shuttleworth
29-31 August 2018
Mark Spain
17-19 October 2018
David Crew
28-30 November 2018
Chris Brown
This project is collecting a variety of conscientious objector stories and using them as the basis for a radio play script which will be recorded and made publicly available in October-November 2018 to coincide with the centenary of the end of World War I. The stories will be drawn from a diversity of time periods and conflict...
Rachael Roberts
The grant supported the creative development of ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’, exploring the science of dieting, weight loss and disordered eating, the project is a deeply personal undertaking into a touchy subject area. After nearly a decade of dieting, a fixation on weight loss and some terrible habits around food and body image...
Mandala Magic Film - Banner
David Salomon
A short documentary showing how colouring and conversation circles have helped many women living in shelters, outreach programs and emergency motel accommodation recover from the shock and trauma of violence domestic violence. The calm, creative and resourceful state induced by colouring is an antidote to the chaos they have...
2017 to 2018
December 2017 to June 2018 (Final Report)
NED Inc. engaged, subsidised and supervised two Sociology undergraduate students from Macquarie University to initiate research within the following framework:
Research Framework PACE
Overall approach: conduct a Formative Evaluation of the SDN workshop as a model of social development for...
Local Food Maps
Nikki Marshall
The project focuses on three interconnected localising initiatives:

Compiling and promoting ‘Where to go to get it’- an accessible register of skills, produce, knowledge and creativity incorporating three rural settlements on the boundary of Hepburn and Mt Alexander shires- Yandoit, Clydesdale and Franklinford- to support...
Performance image - Credit Anna Kucera
23 July 2016
David Finnigan
In 2016, NED supported David to begin development of a new performance looking at the human-earth system.
Grant purpose:
To help scope the development of the Performance project – a presentation that would highlight ‘big picture’ concepts about the future and its implications, given the physical and social boundaries...
18 June 2016
David Finnigan


Support for a period of three months at the Environmental Institute of University College, London, researching, learning and developing a theatre model for use in various contexts in Australia.
Gordon Ramsey of the Uniting Care
Funding support for a community garden project.
23 July 2016
David Finnigan


Suitable for use by school students in creating games about systems they are in. There is a plan for this to be developed initially in London, then brought to Australia.
David Purnell
Dialogue Workshop
The ANU Dialogue group held a workshop near Canberra. Eleven participants took part in an extended conversation co-facilitated by all those involved. Themes included definitions, processes, purpose and potential of dialogue. Silence, movement, music, and creative listening were all used. Since then the Dialogue...
2011 to 2014
Boho Interactive - Best Festival Ever

David Finnigan (Boho Interactive)

Best Festival Ever places the audience in charge of programming and managing their own festival.  Part theatre show, part performance lecture and part boardgame, Best Festival Ever introduces participants to concepts from Systems Science and asks how we can best understand and manage the complex systems we...